The Chart Tangent Report Series

The Chart Tangent Report is a YouTube series that discusses the trending mainstream music and artists that keep the public and stans consuming. Based around monthly and seasonal conversations held on Zoom between a host and a panel of media journalists, The Chart Tangent Report triples as an award show, charting news, and a cultural debate "video" game with interactive Factoid pop ups and animation.

Episode 101:

The Mainstream Femcees Pt. I

Episode 102:

The State of R&B Songs

Episode 103:

Scooter And Dem

Episode 104:

Don't Snub Anti

Episode 105:

The Mainstream Femcees, Pt II [Meg's Version]

Episode 106:

The 666 Degrees of Drake

The Trailer For 

"The Chart Tangent Report":

A Music Critic's [Video Game] [Award] Show

Episode Teaser:

Is This The Era Of Lil Baby or Someone Else?